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General help


It doesn't work!

If the command palette is not opening then here are some trouble-shooting steps you can take. These may seem like "stupid questions", but they will often help you solve the problem.

  • Check that the extension installed in this browser.
  • Check that you have activated the extension with the license key in this browser. Click the snail extension icon and see if it's asking you for a license key.
  • Check that you are using the right keyboard shortcut, and that it's not a shortcut already used by the browser for something else.
  • If you recently activated your license key, or changed the keyboard shortcut, try re-loading your WordPress pages.
  • It may be that the extension has failed to detect WordPress. Do you have a "non-standard" WordPress directory structure? Are you removing headers that WordPress sends? Are you hiding the WordPress admin toolbar? All of these things can hinder Turbo Admin. Contact me for help and maybe we can figure it out.
  • Check the browser's console for errors, if you know how. It may be that an error is reported there.

If Turbo Admin has a short list of commands when you're on the front-end of the site, this is, currently, normal. It's scraping the menu items from the currently visible web page, and on the front-end of the site it only has some items in the toolbar to detect. In future I hope to "cache" menu items to allow more commands to be used on the front-end.

If Turbo Admin's "Login" command takes you to the wrong place, this is probably because you're admin is not on /wp-admin. For very good security reasons, WordPress doesn't broadcast the admin URL on the front-end of the site. And Turbo Admin has no way to detect it. So if you're site uses anything other than /wp-admin this command item won't work. I'm sorry. I did my best!