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This free trial of the Turbo Admin browser extension lets you try all the features of Turbo Admin on three sites.


Installing on Chrome is simple from the Chrome Web Store. You can install direct from the extension's page.

On Firefox you may need to drag the downloaded .xpi file into the browser, or type "about:addons" into your browser's address bar, click the cog and select "Install Add-on From File..."

After you've installed Turbo Admin, it will try to detect WordPress sites from both the front and back-end, so be careful what you do next! The next three WordPress sites you visit will (probably) use up your three site limit. So you may want to immediately visit three sites that you will log in to to be able to properly try it out.

About Turbo Admin

Turbo Admin brings a collection of enhancements to your WordPress Dashboard, including:

  • A fast-action, keyboard-driven command palette - like Spotlight or Alfred for WordPress.
  • Experimental notice hiding that puts YOU in control of those annoying notifications.
  • Automatic dismissal of the Block Editor's welcome pop-up.
  • A persistent, full-screen block editor killer!

Read the full user guide to fond out how it works.

Why is this a browser extension though?

So that you have WordPress your way, on all the sites you look after. Without needing to install a plugin.

Turbo Admin carries your preferences to any WordPress site that it can detect. Makes the command palette available, even on the front-end of sites.

How the trial works

Turbo Admin puts a little snail icon in the extension bar of your browser. This is normally towards the top-left.

On Chrome/Chromium/Brave/Edge you may need to click the jigsaw puzzle icon and then "pin" Turbo Admin to the bar.

Sites that are included in your trial, three-site limit will have a green dot on the Turbo Admin icon. Turbo Admin will work on these sites.

Any other sites will have a red dot on the Turbo Admin icon and Turbo Admin will not work on these.

Once you’ve decided you can’t do WordPress without Turbo Admin any more, it’s only $35 $40 (plus local taxes) to buy a license to remove the three-site limit.

This is a one-time purchase of version 1 that will last for as long as the extension works and will get any updates that to version 1.