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What's new with Turbo Admin The Changelog


New features

  • Option to put the command palette in the admin bar as a little search bar. Nice!
  • Optional "Barkeeper" that hides a bunch of stuff in the admin bar. Pairs really nicely with the admin bar change.


Bug fixes

  • A tiny bug fix. You're welcome!


New features

  • Free trial!

Minor Improvements

  • Better post type detection in the command palette


Minor Improvements

  • MUCH improved full-screen editor killer and editor welcome screen remover (using mutation observer, if you're interested)
  • Detect dev/staging sites on WP Engine (props to Greg Burnison and Erik Teichmann for reporting and helping test!)
  • Fix links in the settings popup on Chrome (props to Nathan Wrigley for reporting).
  • Improved live/staging/dev site notice handling (hopefully fixes the "(DEV) (DEV) (DEV)" issue if you ever saw that, but I couldn't reliably replicate it)


New Features

  • Re-designed notice hiding (experimental). Read more.
  • Live/dev site labels (experimental). Read more.
  • List table keyboard navigation (experimental). Read more.
  • Oxygen builder support.

Minor Improvements

  • MUCH improved content search with better debouncing and caching
  • Icon for dark mode
  • Improved login URL discovery and remembering
  • Improved palette startup time

Under the hood

  • Started using JSDoc-based static analysis


Big New Features

Minor Improvements

  • Allow space to be used in the key combo


Version bump to enable publishing.


PLEASE NOTE: This version requires new permissions, due to an added copy-to-clipboard feature. Chrome/Edge/Brave browsers will disable the updated extension until you give it this new permission

Big New Features

  • Content search! Search for (public) content on your sites, and any detected WordPress site with the REST API enabled.
  • Cached menu items to make them available on the front end.
  • Prevent block editor full-screen mode
  • Automatically dismiss block editor welcome screen

Minor Improvements

  • Meta/Ctrl + Click/Enter opens the selected item in a new tab
    Note: This requires browser "pop-ups" to be enabled for each site you use it on.
  • Extension icon now indicated when Turbo Admin is active on a site
  • Improved palette styles
  • Improved login detection URL
  • Improved key combo detection
  • Improved mouse hover behaviour
  • Better browser checks for licensing


Initial release with basic functionality