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Turbo Admin Roadmap

This is a list of things that may or may not make it into a future version of Turbo Admin.

Upgrade extension to Manifest v3
This allows better future compatibilty with modern browsers but should not affect the existing functionality. This is an important task that serves as the basis for other new features.
Better support for space as a key in the key combo
Make this easier to set and display the value properly.
Remove need for "Save settings" button.
The current UI does not work well. Make it better! Settings should save as soon as they are modified.
Allow access to recently/frequently used items.
Perhaps surface most frequently used items in the list? And allow the user to use the up-arrow to navigate through historically used items?
Plugin actions.
Allow plugins to be installed, activated, deactivated, etc directly from the palette.
Clean admin URLs
Intercept requests to things like /posts, /plugins, etc and redirect to the proper admin page.
Dashboard widget features
Allow Dashboard widgets to be removed globally from all Dashboards you visit. Allow injection of our own useful widgets to all sites too.
Patchstack integration
Use the Patchstack API and the WP REST API to detect and warn about dodgy plugins.


If you have any feedback on these ideas, or have your own, please drop me a line on Twitter. I'd love to hear your thoughts.